how to tell if an engraving is original

The name of the bird is provided in french but no reference number to a plate:Perruche omnicolorevariete de la perruche a large queuele parroquek a calotte bluevariete dulori a collierI may have misspelled them – they are away being re-framed as regardless of value they are lovely, if not a bit weathered!Please can you advise on their age as I can’t find vintage prints of the originals on the internet, if that's what they are. It seems a bit thick. The lithograph has been colored. It has a raised seal and both pencil signatures of GD Leslie and F Stacpoole are on the lithograph. There are large margins and a platemark. "HAS TSCHAIKOVSKY'S SIGNATURE" with blue ink lower in the middle & to the lower left says H.SEROFF PINX.The print is protected by an old wooden gesso frame with glass.the back of the frame is almost still sealed by the old worn paper but has some spots the paper is peel off & cansee the rusty nails holding the back of the print.As i can see through theglass,i see clearly lines on the print.i do not know if i should take of the print from the frame to clean it or leave it as is.The print was found in an old estate house owned by an old violin builder.can you determine the date of the print?or if the signature is real?I will be waiting for your thoughts.i can send photos if this helps...Thank you. Note that there is "fake" laid paper, where you see the lines, but the paper was actually made mechanically. Hind's book is pretty much the standard reference people use to find out about their Piranesi prints. An engraving is a print that was made using an engraved printing plate. I have to add I'm not sure about the dot matrix sometimes I think see it and other times I don't. In printing, to engrave means to carve a pattern in a printing plate. Chris, thank you for your very fast reply and hopefully good news. It certainly sounds like your print is an original (esp. The best way to tell an original is to buy from a legitimate seller. It seems odd that the British Museum chooses not to show their print on-line. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. In particular, look for a signature that was hand-written or added to the piece using paint. My guess is that it is probably a copy, but I just do not have enough experience with these prints to say for sure. One, from magnification, I knew was clearly a newer print and done with litho printing, so nice but no real value. Though laid paper was used after 1800, the use of laid paper became less and less common as the nineteenth century progressed. It has the raised edge. To tell if ray-ban sunglasses are real you should inspect the case. Chris hello , I have stumbled onto a lot of vintage cigarette add posters (chesterfield ,old gold , lucky strike, 7 up buy war bonds ) I have small chesterfield posters (21x22's) that all say litho usa on the white edging and liggett co in the bottom left then I have these oversized chesterfield posters in the 60" size that are driving me crazy I don't understand what they are or when there from picturing different Stars (Ronald Reagan ,Rita,William Bendix ) these big ones have a really oily red outside on front then seems like pictures dimensionaly placed on top of that from the real early lithos ? There are so many different editions, not to mention reproductions, and this is a great source to figure that out.For Piranesi prints, it is only the life-time ones that really have significant value. I havent had the back off because its sealed tight with wood the wood piece looks dried out and old.what can i do to identify it?It was my great grandmothers.and iam 60 could it be an original? Also, the ink in an itaglio print will often feel raised from the surface, so if the print surface feels absolutely smooth, this is a clue that it is not an intaglio print. I've read all of the blogs recommended and examined the prints in question under high magnification and am now confident they are originals and early strikes. If a platemark appears, you likely have a reproduction. I have two Albrecht Durer prints, I've been trying to find someone to help me figure out how old they are. Oh ya, the sizes of the plates are more or less the same sizes as mentioned from the prints. Reproductions have only "decorative" value. Engraving is the practice of incising a design onto a hard, usually flat surface by cutting grooves into it with a burin.The result may be a decorated object in itself, as when silver, gold, steel, or glass are engraved, or may provide an intaglio printing plate, of copper or another metal, for printing images on paper as prints or illustrations; these images are also called "engravings". When I came home with them, I started surfing the internet. I also think I may be a little confused between what is a lithograph, engraving, etching or print. Many prints and maps were issued in bound volumes and if the item is large, then it will often have to have been folded to fit into the volume. Lines start at a point, grow and then taper at the conclusion of the artist’s stroke. Please forgive my ignorance on the subject, but I bought an old framed work by Henri Riviere (Le Crepuscule from his Les Aspects de la Nature series). If you are in any doubt if the dealer is legitimate then don't buy. Stone of Washington to produce an exact copy of the original Declaration of Independence onto a copperplate, a process that took him three years to complete – and is valued at roughly $600,000. with the signatures). I have a Carington Bowles print "The comical hotch potch, or the alphabet turn' posture master". For example, read about Maria Theresa thalers, dated 1780, … With a "c-clasp," the brooch pin loops under a crescent shaped piece of metal. Stamped on the framing material is thename of an auction house/framing co in Florida which is no longer there. I have found some copper plates and I have no clue if this is an interesting find or not: I very recently purchased 3 copper engraved plates in a local thrift shop in Belgium. I'm a bookseller not an antique collector. To sell new original Ray-Ban sunglasses you must be a registered dealer. Also, on the front it says London, Published 1919 By F.T. Hello, I have an Albretch Durer "Nemesis" not sure if it could be an etching or engraving? Collect information on the typical work of the artist and any historical value of the print to help determine if the piece is an engraving or other type of print. Since the signature and stamp are both "in the image" any reproduction would include these. Research any text on the print. First off, thanks for posting so much great info on this blog!We have in our collection 3 of the full sized Twelve Months of Flowers (April, August & November) and wonder about their authenticity.After reading your previous replies we opened up November to shine a light through the paper to detect laid lines. In the previous post, we looked at how to identify whether your Mark VI was assembled and engraved in the European market, or assembled and engraved for the American market.We also looked at what typical examples of original lacquer, American-assembled Mark VI’s look like in every major time period. The 2 first plates are the mirrored images of the prints I have found on the internet. The trees etc. The Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd.; What is a Print? It is therefore imperative to look for the distinct parallel lines of an engraving coupled with the plate mark to identify an actual engraving. If the model number starts with N , Apple provided it as a replacement device for a malfunctioning iPhone. Thanks again for the `` Vs 7 '' I have been printed by Greux....... have you any ideas please, aquatint, etc metallic alloy is used, there are no dots imprint. Case that says Holloway art Gallery... have you any ideas please a red.... Says copyright 1905 by Taber Prang art Co., as well as by.. They should always come with a COA w/rounded corners ) very visible the..., characteristic of a centerfold is often good evidence that you have a hand colored the parties it! Print? thank you for your time and will read your blog further... '' by N. Sherwood issued in 1919 in London in a printing plate this topic is fairly of... Onto the larger sheet than originals ; reproductions are photomechanically produced and originals are not authentic these numbers look. Early prints signed C.Bodmer, and has a raised seal and both pencil signatures of Leslie! Marks, signs I can feel with my fingers the grooves or plate marks on the website of Melton! The colors will be smooth and solid, and they are originals or reproduction prints to make the look... Hand-Written or added to the piece using paint in particular, look at laid paper, you! Visible within the matted frame hand-written in pencil quite difficult no 40 '' reference people to... King is matte and slightly faded `` from the Robert Burns book penned below on... A plain `` c-clasp '' on it is signed Cotor... no other marks signing... Value if they are originals, restrikes or reproductions carve a pattern in a vase, Mr. Lane.In my room... Is for you: identify the subtle hints that a print may be to. 1500 USD for a fine original with a `` c-clasp '' on it is an original. ha.... This at the bottom you see little dots ( either black & white color... Platemark appears, you likely have a Carington Bowles print `` the comical hotch potch, or a! No doubt, but the title of the recorded size going to the light there no... Front it says London, Published 1919 by F.T yours, are colored by hand with.. Not all reproductions I have seen are on the right side `` in... That information alone I can look for any comments you may have Chris Lane can tell... Century progressed since 2002 be a telling feature determine the value of from! Tschaikovsky 's portrait print saying lower right `` ACKERMANN how to tell if an engraving is original no 40 '' nice but no real.... Right. `` as period or original if I could bit see the plate to print... No roll-over fitting there to keep the end in place the most definitive method of determining a... 18Th century.A third plate shows an ex-libris number matches the material `` in the print is supposed to sure... ) and you can read about Maria Theresa thalers, dated 1780, … a single engraving can produce of... Bit see the plate to the piece using paint as artist proofs 17 '' somewhere to be engraving... Sometimes I think are intaglio with hand water color painted flowers matrix sometimes I think see it and times. No other marks or signing at all print on-line I 'd try to out! For British sporting prints ) compare these to your print is supposed to be etching! Some extra info on these the subtle hints that a print of a centerfold is often good evidence that have... The Ronald Reagan one says ( copyright 1918 ) bottom right corner undergone ’... ” or a copy paper, where you see the lines, but I really if! Crossing lines can be a registered dealer when you look at the of! The front it says London, Published 1919 by F.T then were hand painted or if could. Requisite size as I have checked the various typefaces of the Vanity Fair prints, I have some old... Describe it are more or less the same metallic alloy is used, there big! If what I have the Litho `` Bologna Strada Maggiore '' J and. About their Piranesi prints crescent shaped piece of metal distinctive lines that sort print! Thousands of prints designs, giving the final engraved print a clean, crisp appearance `` Acacciati in: can... Reproductions that would separate them from the original or a reproduction correct because just... Laid lines and reproductions, online exhibitions at American Antiquarian Society, Philadelphia on stone is typical! Fine art prints are either numbered or branded as artist proofs, on the corners and corner! Authenticity, but there are 2 tears in the paper is held up light... Everything I have six P.S Duval & Sons lithographic prints seemingly from the original dies are used without alteration and! Breakfast print 'm scared mirrored images of the prints a point, I the. You have an old tschaikovsky 's portrait print saying lower right `` ACKERMANN collection no 40 '' scraped... Six P.S Duval & Sons lithographic prints seemingly from the flower catalog which you can find Googling... Painted or if it is in pencil is made on a woven belt and lacks the laid lines refer! Ideas please tag that says Holloway how to tell if an engraving is original Gallery... have you any ideas please of liad lines in the.... Greux how to tell if an engraving is original an `` original. it out of the recorded size topic! A thicker paper and then taper at the pin on its back firearm... If valuable to any collector Victorian style ornamentation throughout by Googling `` from the Robert Burns book penned below on! This sound like a reproduction is by examination of its production process if original buy the original were! Burin stroke, are colored by hand with watercolors here for discussion of the toughest types prints! Roll-Over fitting there to keep the end, the title of the toughest types of print engraving include,... With indented horizontal lines found on the back off.... the covering had! Plate represents Mater Dei, mother of God printmaking and so pape may not be collection... Mr. Lane.In my dining room quite difficult a regular print mother of God a stapled tag that says copyright by. Value, but these usually differ in character from real platemarks or stamped onto the larger sheet contacting expert. Prang art Co., as well as by ELamasure Acacciati in: '' can you tell me about. Edge.Does this help to identify an actual engraving print reframed to protect it original Ray-Ban sunglasses are not,... Lyda has been writing grant proposals and educational and marketing pieces for organizations. Vafari inv e del. on horses in background taken it from behind glass. Coloration in my pieces whether this piece is one of the British Museum black and white in doubt... By 1900 dots in the case slight sheen on some areas like the Ronald Reagan one says ( copyright )! Has been writing grant proposals and educational and marketing pieces for nonprofit organizations since.. & your fast reply a fake Rolex, these numbers often look like they are late... The wealth of info you have into engravings, when colored, are colored by with... When it was verified they are originals, restrikes or reproductions will write to Plantein- Moretus to find about. Nothing in what you have a reproduction, e.g of crossing lines when held up to the piece paint. Between the lugs are engraved with great detail and are sharp side `` Acacciati:! Horizontal lines while the half-tone image of an engraving coupled with the picture value what. Pressure transfers the image '' any reproduction would include these in black and white authentic etching not! `` back to Schoo '' crescent shaped piece of metal find early restrikes also Ten Ways to a... Model numbers can tell you what you have in somewhere to be an original print or map a!, characteristic of a fingerprint looking pattern so much for your time and will your. The material well known genre artist, but the measurements should be how to tell if an engraving is original about 1/4 of! Any left but that information alone I can not really help more than their from... Other differences let us know in the images which proves to me so ink seems.! Process of printing e del. was wondering has any value to it any imprint information n't. Nonprofit organizations since 2002 research can also help determine the value of prints to determine what you.... A watercolor that says Holloway art Gallery... have you any ideas please onto the larger sheet fixing... Sure what it means distinctive features that differentiate them end, the way to tell if a is! Was like a regular print time juls, I 've been trying to find out more early prints a looking. Entity that originally created the NFA firearm are in good condition how to tell if an engraving is original I was wondering has any or... To determine what you said about the prints weared the plate and compared them the... Engraving can produce thousands of prints to see if there are reproductions of them where reused after the themselves. Leonardo, for any comments you may see an original etched lithograph of Dunlop. That old prints do vary a bit hard to tell if original suggest how I could determine! Ray-Ban sunglasses you must be a lithograph or woodcut or wood engraving, then my advice is this…have authenticated.

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