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The route is largely intact, however, a slight deviation north of Westhead where houses have been built on the old trackbed would be required. [66] If built the new station would most probably be on the Liverpool to Skelmersdale line, which will be an extension of the Liverpool to Kirkby line, which has a high probability of construction. The East Section - The former Cheshire Lines Committee North Liverpool Extension Line initially from Hunts Cross to Walton however amended to Aintree. Since the postponement of the project, a number of Route Utilisation Strategy documents have mentioned reopening the North Mersey Branch line, the northern section of the loop, to form a passenger link between Bootle and Aintree with stations to serve Ford and Girobank. [2][3][4][5] The network is operated by a joint venture between franchise holder Serco and Abellio, who superseded Arriva Trains Merseyside in 2003. A combination of reduced weight of 99 tonnes, representing a 5.5 tonne weight reduction, and more efficient electrical systems will give a 20% reduction in energy use. Edge Hill, Wavertree Technology Park, Broad Green, Roby, Huyton, Whiston, Rainhill, Lea Green, St Helens Junction, Earlestown, Liverpool Lime Street to Manchester Oxford Road. In March 2015, the introduction of battery powered trains was proposed for the Borderlands line by Network Rail. ", "Merseyrail - train times & timetables, journey planner & service updates", "Merseyside Area land use Transportation study (MALTS) project report. This page was last changed on 26 September 2016, at 12:31. This is very … The result would be platforms released from urban use leaving the mainline station to focus on mid to long haul routes. In November 2016 the details of the next phase of the Merseyrail fleet were announced: if trains capable of use beyond the third-rail DCnetwork are selected as replacements, various expansions can be achieved without electrification of the entire new route. [82] The Network Rail document proposes using battery powered rolling stock precluding full electrification of the line, also providing a cheaper method of increasing connectivity into the electrified Birkenhead and Liverpool sections of the Wirral line. Merseyrail are the one's who are out of order here. VolkerRail is a highly established and experienced railway infrastructure contractor. Frequent intermediate stops serve other sections of the urban area. Continue Reading Posts navigation. This is now the Country Park. [59][73][74] The aspiration was accelerated in March 2015 with the Electrification Task force placing electrification of the line from Kirkby to Salford Crescent in a Tier 1 priority category. Apart from giving ease of transport around most of Merseyside, the rapid-transit network would give all the regions on the urban lines ease of access to the one remaining mainline station at Liverpool Lime Street, compensating for the loss of three mainline terminal stations. Services are less frequent than those on the Northern Line and Wirral Line, generally half-hourly on weekdays. The report found that the Wapping Tunnel was in good condition though suffered from flooding in places and would require some remedial work, but that the concept of reopening the tunnel was viable. London North Eastern Railway (LNER) is a British train operating company owned by the Department for Transport (DfT), unlike most UK train operating companies. Connections are available at Southport to Wigan Wallgate and Manchester Airport; at Liverpool South Parkway for services operated by London Northwestern Railway, East Midlands Railway, TransPennine Express and Northern serving Birmingham New Street, Manchester Oxford Road, Blackpool North and various destinations within Yorkshire and the West Midlands; at Hunts Cross to Warrington Central and Manchester Oxford Road; at Ormskirk to Preston and at Kirkby to Wigan Wallgate and Manchester Victoria.[12]. The Wapping Tunnel would have given access to Edge Hill via the historic Cavendish cutting, built for the 1830 Liverpool and Manchester Railway. [44] Merseyrail is the only UK train operator to take such a vigorous approach, a stand which Merseyrail claims has proved very popular with commuters and has reduced anti-social behaviour on the system.[45]. The Link Line tunnel is a double-track tunnel that links two lines. [110], Media related to Merseyrail at Wikimedia Commons, Rock Ferry to Hooton, Chester and Ellesmere Port, Extending the network via electrification, "Liverpool City Centre Plan - City Centre Planning Group, 1965", Cheshire Lines Committee Lines: North Liverpool Extension Line, Southport and Cheshire Lines Extension Railway, Garston and Liverpool Railway Two services are not electrified, the Manchester via Warrington Central and Chester via Runcorn. Due to the isolation of the Northern and Wirral lines, Merseyrail Electrics (2002) Ltd are keen to adopt vertical integration – taking responsibility for maintenance of the track from Network Rail. MERSEYRAIL, the network, is formed by lines operated by TWO companies on behalf of Merseytravel: Merseyrail Electrics and Northern Rail. The programme of route closures in the early 1960s, known as the Beeching Axe, included the closure of two of Liverpool's mainline terminal stations, Liverpool Exchange and Liverpool Central (High Level), and one on the Wirral, Birkenhead's Woodside Station, leaving only one mainline station serving all of Merseyside at Liverpool Lime Street. Matthias Hämmerle, Project Manager for Stadler, said: This would give Skelmersdale, the second largest town in North West England without a railway service, direct access to Liverpool city centre. This would have meshed the eastern section of the city into the core underground city centre section of the electric network, releasing platforms at mainline Lime Street station for mid to long haul routes. This included a new station tunnel at Hamilton Square to serve the lines to New Brighton and West Kirby. As a result, using the Merseyrail Electrics Network Order 2002 the Secretary of State first exempted the two lines from being designated as a railway franchise under the 1993 Act. [91] The line has been mooted on many occasions for electrifying and reopening to passengers, giving scope to reopen stations along its length: Spellow, Walton & Anfield, Breck Road, Tuebrook, Stanley and Edge Lane.[59]. At Ellesmere Port there is a minimal service to and from Warrington.[12]. The nearby Moorfields underground through station located on the new Line Link tunnel, serving the Northern and Wirral Lines, replaced Liverpool Exchange terminus station. [12], Connections are provided at Bidston on the West Kirby branch for the Borderlands Line to Wrexham, operated by Transport for Wales, and at Chester to Crewe and London Euston, Wrexham and Shrewsbury, the North Wales Coast line to Llandudno and Holyhead, and to Manchester either via Warrington or via Northwich and Knutsford. Merseyrail is a commuter rail network serving Liverpool, England, the surrounding Liverpool City Region, the Wirral Peninsula and adjacent areas of Cheshire and Lancashire, including a number of underground stations. The line was electrified using the standard 750 V DC third-rail Merseyrail system. The Merseyrail name became the official brand for the network in the days of British Rail, surviving several franchise holders, although the name was not used by Arriva when holding the franchise. Merseyrail is a British train operating company owned by Serco-Abelio and overseen by Merseytravel. The line was a part of the Northern Line from Garston to terminal stations at Southport, Ormskirk and Kirkby. By SKWAWKBOX (SW) 19/12/2016 19/12/2016. Typical off-peak weekday service is as follows:[18]. Point-to-point or return tickets are purchased from staffed offices or ticket machines, but the system is tightly integrated with Merseytravel's City Region-wide pass system, which also encompasses the Mersey Ferries and city and regional bus networks. This would have the added benefit of diverting all local urban routes from the mainline terminus station at Lime Street to underground rail in Liverpool's centre. From 11 December 2004, the NWRR franchise was merged into a new Northern franchise. Merseytravel is the owner of the trains, acting as the passenger transport executive and strategic transport advisor for the Liverpool City Region. A tunnelled branch to Birkenhead Park was added in 1888 to connect with the Wirral Railway and the original line extended to Rock Ferry to connect with the Birkenhead Woodside to Chester line in 1891.[47]. It would extend the two connecting tunnels from Central Station in a large radius curve to the north, passing beneath the mainline Lime Street station approach cutting accessing Edge Hill via a section of the Waterloo/Victoria Tunnel. It was accomplished by excavating the trackbed of the high-level tunnel to connect the two routes by means of a gradient. However, in 2017 the Department for Transport announced that electrification of lines in Britain will only be where necessary with some planned projects cancelled. The con­tract is for 25 years ex­pir­ing in 2028. Trains on the Northern Line and Wirral Line cover the Liverpool City Region. This page was last edited on 13 December 2020, at 21:42. Before today, the main three companies from overseas were German stated-owned Deutsche Bahn, the international arm of the Netherland's nation operator, Abellio, and French firm Keolis. [88], After the new Merseyrail trains have entered service, they will be tested for battery operation and the prospect of using them on the Burscough Curves will be reviewed. Firstly determine what MERSEYRAIL is. [51] In March 2015 the Electrification Task force placed electrifying the line from Liverpool to Manchester via Warrington Central in the Tier 1 priority category. The fleet consists of two vessels: Royal Iris of the Mersey and Snowdrop. An increase in integration and connectivity of the network would have been achieved. In preparation for the full integration of the City Line into the network, the name was maintained with Merseytravel sponsoring the stations that are inside Merseyside, complete with Merseyrail branding.[52]. Proposed for use on Merseyrail sandite operations, it was taken to Fragonset at Derby to be prepared during the first half of 2001, emerging that June in Railtrack’s blue and lime green livery. The Central Section - The central section was a later addition to the plan and effectively divided the loop into two sub-loops and also gave city centre access for the towns east of Merseyside. Northern and Wirral lines interchange at Liverpool Central and Moorfields in the city centre. This layout permitted the former Mersey Railway route to be connected to the former Cheshire Lines Committee route from the closed Central High Level Station and so allow the Northern Line to be extended in a southerly direction to Garston and, later, Hunts Cross. The Orbital Outer Rail Loop was a part of the initial Merseyrail plans of the 1970s. In the 1960s during the planning for Merseyrail, this was developed into the Outer Rail Loop scheme - an electric rapid-transit passenger line circling the outer districts of the city by using a combination of newly electrified existing lines and a new link tunnel under the city centre merging lines to the north and south of the city centre completing the loop. [71], The north–south aligned Borderlands Line from Bidston south to Wrexham Central is operated by Transport for Wales using diesel trains on unelectrified track. The Merseyrail Electrics franchise was awarded by the Director of Passenger Rail Franchising to MTL with operations commencing on 19 January 1997. In 1985 the line from Rock Ferry to Hooton was electrified and incorporated in the Wirral Line of Merseyrail, Hooton thus becoming a new terminus. All non-mainline services inside Merseytravel's area are "Merseyrail", no matter where the train comes from or to, who owns the train, who owns the lines or who operates the train. The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Long Term Rail Strategy document of October 2017, states that trials of new Merseyrail battery trains will be undertaken in 2020. Most of these lines were modern electrified lines. A feature was that passengers on the mainline radial routes into Lime Street from the east and south could transfer onto the Outer Loop at two parkway interchange stations completing their journey to Liverpool suburbs avoiding the need to travel into the city centre, which would also relieve pressure on Lime Street station - Liverpool South Parkway was one of these stations opening thirty years after the initial proposal. This tunnel starts to the south of the station and rises to join the high-level tunnel. Stadler has been building trains for 75 years. The curves allowed northbound trains from Ormskirk to run directly to Southport to the west, and southbound trains from Preston to run west to Southport. Liverpool City Council took a different view to Beeching proposing the retention of the suburban services integrating them into a regional electrified rapid-transit network by linking all lines via new tunnels under the centres of Liverpool and Birkenhead. The Merseyrail electric and the Northern Rail diesel services use opposite ends of the same platform at Kirkby. (, National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, Stadler's maintenance depot and UK headquarters, Serco and NedRailways (renamed Abellio in 2009), Liverpool City Region Long Term Rail Strategy, Connecting Communities: Expanding Access to the Rail Network, List of underground stations of the Merseyrail network, http://orr.gov.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/22056/passenger-rail-usage-2015-16-q4.pdf, "Abellio Group Head Office" Group corporate website, Abellio, Utrecht, Netherlands, Undate, "Merseyrail corporate information | Merseyrail Electrics | Serco | Abellio", https://www.merseyrail.org/media/1300639/city-line-book-1-from-15th-december-2019-to-16th-may-2020.pdf, https://www.merseyrail.org/media/1300642/city-line-book-2-from-15th-december-2019-to-16th-may-2020-website.pdf, https://www.merseyrail.org/media/1300648/city-line-book-4-from-15th-december-2019-to-16th-may-2020-website.pdf, https://www.railwaygazette.com/uk/merseyrail-class-777-arrives-in-liverpool/55686.article, "Stadler signs £700 million deal to replace the UK's oldest fleet on Liverpool's Merseytravel line", https://www.railwaygazette.com/news/traction-rolling-stock/single-view/view/battery-trial-planned-for-new-emu-fleet.html, "All Merseyrail strikes suspended as union hails 'major breakthrough' that could finally end dispute", "Merseytravel and Stadler sign new fleet deal, but legal challenge remains", "Construction begins on Kirkdale depot to maintain new Merseyrail fleet", https://www.stadlerrail.com/en/media/article/stadler-signs-contract-build-and-maintain-52-metro-trains-liverpool-city-region/47/, https://www.placenorthwest.co.uk/news/stadler-rails-21m-depot-completes-in-kirkdale/, "Network Rail 2009 Strategic Business Plan - Merseyrail Route 21", https://web.archive.org/web/20171107021632/http://moderngov.merseytravel.uk.net/documents/s21686/Enc.%201%20for%20Updated%20Long%20term%20Rail%20Strategy.pdf, "Andy Heath appointed new managing director of Merseyrail", "We have taken the 'misery' out of Merseyrail", "Merseyrail trains are most reliable in the UK", "Merseyrail profits gather speed to reach record levels", "Merseyrail takes 840 to court over feet on seats", "Is Merseyrail's feet on seats policy too harsh? [74] In March 2015 the Electrification Task force placed the electrifying of the line from Southport to Salford Crescent via Wigan in the Tier 1 priority category. The network is operated by the Merseyrail train operating company. This approach was backed up by the Merseyside Area Land Use and Transportation Study, the MALTS report. [59][73] The line was considered in the Merseyside Route Utilisation Strategy document, concluding that reopening could not yet be recommended. However, when the cost was estimated at £207 million,[78] Merseytravel announced that cheaper overhead line electrification would be considered instead. [75][76], Electrification from Ormskirk to Preston has been considered in conjunction with the Burscough Curves reopening detailed below. The battery set per car can be up to five tons in weight. Trains run at an off-peak interval of fifteen minutes on most branches, with lines converging to provide a frequency of up to every five minutes within central Liverpool, and under the Mersey to Birkenhead. [22] Based on the METRO platform, Stadler's product family for underground trains as used on the Berlin U-Bahn and Minsk Metro. [75], Southport to Wigan has been identified by Network Rail as a route where electrification in conjunction with extension of electrification from Ormskirk to Preston and reinstatement of the Burscough Curves would enable new patterns of passenger service to operate. Mossley Hill, West Allerton, Liverpool South Parkway, Hough Green, Widnes, Warrington Central. The Loop and Link project was followed by a programme of expansion, electrification and new stations, which built on the greater integration and capacity provided by the new infrastructure. One continuous line would be created, the Northern Line. [27] The transfer of Kirkdale depot and Merseyrail engineering personnel took place in October 2017, as construction work to modernise the depot, which is the planned maintenance hub for the Class 777s, commenced.[28]. The linking of the two tunnels had been envisaged when the Mersey Railway was extended to Central from James Street in the 1890s, with the Mersey Railway ensuring the two tunnels were on the same alignment. A tunnel under Liverpool's city centre, the Link tunnel, created the through crossrail Northern Line. Some would extend beyond the current area, while others would use former existing lines or track beds. There are also two depots near Southport station: Southport Wall Sidings and Southport Carriage Holding Sidings. On emerging from this tunnel at the existing Edge Hill Station, the route would be on the north side of the main lines thereby removing the need for a flyover.[52]. 's Goodison Park and Liverpool F.C. The Northern Line would form the western section through the city centre. The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Long Term Rail Strategy document of October 2017, page 37, states: It was announced in December 2019 that Liverpool City Council had commissioned a feasibility study to see about reopening the Canada Dock Branch to passenger traffic.[95]. [30] Minor repair work and stock cleaning is undertaken at Kirkdale, while overhauls are completed at Birkenhead. A number of lines have been targeted for electric 3rd rail/battery train trials, which will allow electric Merseyrail trains to operate on unelectrified track, which otherwise would be precluded from track electrification on cost grounds. Yes and Merseyrail rely on people thinking it is easier to pay £60. The Northern line is one of the two Cross-city route commuter rail lines operated by Merseyrail, based on Liverpool in Merseyside, England, with the Wirral Line being the other. [109] A feasibility study to reopen the Wapping Tunnel was commissioned and delivered in May 2016. [23] This differs to the current fleet, which was built to a standard British Rail design for commuter services. [35], Operating as a self-contained network means there are relatively few problems because there is little conflict with other train operating companies. The City Line is a term used by the governing body Merseytravel referring to local Northern services it sponsors serving in its area operating on the Liverpool to Manchester Lines and Liverpool to Wigan Line. The junction arrangement would be a burrowing junction, as at Hamilton Square (see above), with the grade separation of tracks increasing capacity. Services operate on three main routes: from Hunts Cross in the south of Liverpool to Southport via the Link tunnel from Brunswick Station through central Liverpool, from Liverpool Central to Ormskirk and from Liverpool Central to Kirkby. The route circled the outer fringes of the city of Liverpool using primarily existing rail lines merged to create the loop. In the decades following the commissioning of the resulting cut down rapid-transit network, political moves were made to complete the full project, to fully incorporate the City Line into the network, however to no avail. Although no official proposals have been made to revive the scheme in recent years, the route is effectively safeguarded with periodic calls being made by local politicians for the revival of the complete project or just the short stretch of route from Hunts Cross to Gateacre. Carrying approximately 110,000 passengers each weekday, or 34 million passengers per year, it forms the most heavily used urban railway network in the UK outside London. These are unit 507022 in 1991, after a collision, and unit 508118, which had been gutted by fire in an arson attack in Birkenhead in 2001. [94] This delay in electrification may delay any proposed passenger use for the line. The Outer Rail Loop would have been double track throughout and electrified using the 750 V DC third-rail system used by the Merseyrail Electrics network. The third line, separate from the electrified network, is named the City Line. The electrification of the former Wirral Railway lines to (New Brighton and West Kirby) took place in 1937 and allowed through running into Liverpool via the Mersey Railway tunnel. [21], Merseyrail formerly had four Class 73 electro-diesel locomotives for shunting, sandite trains, engineering works and other departmental duties.

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